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This is because women often have domestic jobs, such as cleaning houses, that are not considered by U.

Considering Immigration and Gender in the Americas

In addition, more men apply as principal visa holders when they seek employment-based visas because they have more opportunities than women to earn college degrees and acquire skills in their native countries. But even when women are highly skilled, they still find it difficult to gain employment-based visas, the study revealed. Many women also rely on male relatives to petition for them through the family-based immigration process, which is the primary avenue through which women gain legal status in the U.

Meanwhile, men are largely viewed as primary breadwinners and heads of households, making it easier and faster for them to gain legal status through family reunification. Another option is to seek a visa through political asylum. Here, women struggle to convince decision-makers that certain political actions and opinions establish a threat in their countries of origin.

Many immigrant women also struggle to prove persecution even when they were politically persecuted and, as a result, targeted with death threats in their native countries. One problem that women run into is not keeping documents that would prove they went through potential dangers.

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Such was the case for Sara, an asylum seeker from El Salvador featured in the study. But, the study states that even if the couple would have kept the documents, Sara would have still been denied asylum because the threats were directed at her husband — even though she was also at risk.

Lastly, women also face obstacles when applying for protection under the Violence Against Women Act VAWA , which allows immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence to self-petition or independently seek legal immigration status in the U. One obstacle women face is providing evidence, such as documents with their name and of the abuser, to prove they live with their abuser.

They also called for a number of improvements that should be made to the legalization process, including adding more avenues for immigrant women to access the legalization process without having to rely on male relatives and on principal visa holders to petition on their behalf. She also noted that there are currently 5 million undocumented women who are living in the U. US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

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Newsletters Coupons. For the most part, Democrats and Republicans believe that separating children from their families is cruel and immoral.

Gender and Skilled Immigration: Challenges and Recommendations | Development Matters

Yet, these policies have not galvanized mass action in the way that family separation has. But since women continue to be primary caretakers, the reality is that the treatment of children often implicates women. Federal agents handcuffed and arrested the woman and her son outside a courthouse when they appeared for a hearing about the incident.

Policies that may result in women being too afraid of deportation to report abuse are abhorrent for that reason alone.

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But these policies ultimately result in a similar outcome—families are separated and children are left without parents. Recall how photos of a Syrian child—whose lifeless body washed up on a beach— re-engaged the interest of many if only momentarily in the protracted Syrian civil war. This recent example shows how a focus on children can spur action on a massive scale by shining a light on the human ramifications of policy. The jury is still out on what moves people from apathy to outrage and action.

But outrage and action are what is needed now.

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After all, studies indicate that immigrants contribute more to the country than they take in benefits , with second generation immigrants, contributing more in taxes than other native-born individuals. President Trump should be working with Central American countries to address the violence and poverty that are driving people to migrate.

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  • Because walls will not keep desperate people out. Americans- Republicans and Democrats alike- should agree to agree on the facts: using the threat of tariffs to ram and expand a poorly conceived immigration agenda program is bad for our economy, relationships with our neighbors, and the values the truly make American great. Skip to main content. Focus on Children A central insight from the roundtable was that the debate on immigration shifted when photos of children being taken away from their parents began appearing in media, including social media feeds.